My Journey with Let’sGrowMore

As the name goes, the community helped us procure many things. In search of opportunities to learn more, I got to know about one of the finest communities providing internships for aspiring developers, data scientists,etc.

Wanting to be one among them I decided to grab the opportunity. I was shortlisted for the Data Science internship. Iris Flowers Classification ML Project :

This particular ML project is usually referred to as the “Hello World” of Machine Learning. The iris flowers dataset contains numeric attributes, and it is perfect for beginners to learn about supervised ML algorithms, mainly how to load and handle data. Also, since this is a small dataset, it can easily fit in memory without requiring special transformations or scaling capabilities.

Github repo:

And the second task was to create a Machine Learning model for Stock Market Prediction And Forecasting Using Stacked LSTM

Datasetlinks: :

GitHub repo:

The internship process was congenial and we were allowed to work in flexible working hours.

The whole internship duration was very delightful and I learned a lot of things technically and socially. I developed my network and met many peers in the discord community. Challenges keep us striving to achieve more and we should keep our learning graph always high. Overall, it was a great learning experience.

If someone wishes to learn new things and gain experience out of their circle, then LetsGrowMore is the best platform to start a career.


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